Culture Days 2015: How to Make Mini-Comics

culture days

It’s only a few days until Culture Days (which starts on Friday). Remember to stop by Cloudscape HQ on Saturday for our “How to Make Mini-Comics” workshop. A lot of other Park Board artist residencies are getting involved in Culture Days too. Check them out!

16mm Films at the Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival – near Renfrew CC
Project Blog:
Contact: Iris Film Collective,

Publik Secrets Open House at Hadden Park Fieldhouse studio
Project Blog:
Contact: George Rahi,

Instant Coffee Slide Show at Coal Harbour CC
Project Blog:

Bee-ing Prepared – Oak Park Fieldhouse Studio
Project Blog:
Contact: Ashley Guindon,

It’s B Movie Night at Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre (Moberly Fieldhouse Studio)
Project Blog:

Landscape Memories – in McBride Park
Project Blog:
Contact: Laura Lee Coles,

Tea and Jam at McBride Fieldhouse studio
Project Blog:
Contact: Dayna Szyndrowski,, or Elisa Thorn,

Dancing the Parenting Documentary – at Creekside CC
Project Blog:
Contact: Julie Lebel,

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