Board Member

Evan Waterman

EVAN WATERMAN Evan is a Vancouver-based software developer turned comic book writer and letterer, having self published a number of short, and long form stories. He’s also the author of a free, 140+ page how-to guide for making comics. Evan is currently director of promotions at Cloudscape.

Hannah Lou Myers

HANNAH LOU MYERS     Hannah is a comic artist, illustrator, and decorative artist working out of Vancouver, B.C. She’s an Emily Carr graduate, cat tamer, knitting fiend, coffee addict, book sniffer, and cheese enthusiast. She’s currently working her way through her entire dating history and publishing it online for free […]

Emily Lampson

EMILY LAMPSON   Emily Lampson, also known as “Hellpug,” is a comic artist whose favourite subjects are horror and fantasy. She resides in Vancouver and gets hired to do illustrations. Currently drawing No Evil, the tale of three youths trying to survive after being attacked by an evil fairy. Emily […]

Oliver McTavish-Wisden

OLIVER McTAVISH-WISDEN Oliver Henry McTavish-Wisden is a New Westminster-based cartoonist and the Treasurer of Cloudscape Comics. When not balancing the books, Oliver is probably hiking, drawing comics, getting bodied in Melee, or making horrid noises on the trumpet and keyboard for his band Sleuth.

Jade McGilvray

JADE McGILVRAY Jade is a creature of the deep, and has made Vancouver her home for the time being. Humans sometimes hire her as a 3D Animator, and when she isn’t working, she is swimming, drawing, and traveling hither and yon. Jade has exhibited at the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival. […]