New Cloudscape Ebook Promotion!

Looking for something to read?

As you know if you’re reading our blog, Cloudscape has been publishing comics by BC creators since 2008. From anthologies to single creator works, we’ve got something for everybody! 

The Cloudscape Board, inspired by the fine folks over at ShortBox and Silver Sprocket, has decided to release one ebook from our catalogue at a reduced price every Wednesday for the forseeable future. Once a week we will be releasing a special discount code for one of our titles that will allow you to download the ebook for free. If you’re able to pay the cover price, that’s great! You’re helping to support local creators. If you can’t afford the price of our ebooks, don’t sweat it! Our discount code’s got you covered. Each discount code will be active for 2 weeks & will be specific to the ebook.

This week, the book is Last Night at Wyrmwood High by Kathleen Gros. Last Nigh at Wyrmwood High was Kathleen’s debut graphic novel, and Cloudscape’s first single creator project. Follow three best friends as they try to navigate a decades old curse, track down a vengeful ghost, and save their senior year from eternal mediocrity. Head over to our Gumroad & use discount code “ghostsrcool” at checkout to drop the cover price down to $0.

If you haven’t already, check out the wonderful work over at ShortBox (gumroad) (website) and Silver Sprocket (website). They’ve each got amazing & unique titles that you won’t want to miss.

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