An Overview of the Cloudscape Website

There is much more to the Cloudscape website than the blog and as I have just expanded various sections, it’s a good time to remind the visitor of the various places they can visit. One of the big changes I’ve done recently is to upload numerous videos about Cloudscape and creating comics. This can be seen on the Media and Comics 101 pages.

The site sections:

1. The Main Page. This includes the blog itself, as well as a list of which webcomics by Cloudscape members have updated, a summary of Cloudscape tweets, and links to Cloudscape’s other sites (Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, and DeviantArt). In addition, the page mentions interesting writer or artist calls for local indie comic book anthologies (whether published by Cloudscape or other people)

2. About. The history of Cloudscape and its various services. Also information on Cloudscape meetings and on the various Cloudscape board members, including the best ways to contact them.

3. Store. Information on Cloudscape anthologies and other products, including how to order them online. Also links to the stores of individual Cloudscape members.

4. Webcomics. An extensive selection of comics created by Cloudscape members. This library includes excerpts from the anthologies, numerous self-contained stories, and samples of longer serials.

5. Artist Bios. Short biographies of everyone who’ve contributed to one or more of the Cloudscape anthologies.

6. Media. Links to various reviews of Cloudscape anthologies, interviews with Cloudscape, and articles on comics written by Cloudscape members.

7. Community. Information on various organizations and stores in Metro Vancouver that comic creators and comics fans would find useful.

8. Comics 101. Numerous tutorials by Cloudscape members on creating comics as well as information on various websites and books that can help the process in various ways. It includes an extensive library of comics tutorial videos, all produced by Cloudscape member Anise Shaw.

9. Links. Links to Cloudscape members’ sites, comic news sites, and other part of the Internet that comic fans and creators would find interesting.

If you see any mistakes that should be corrected or have any ideas for things that you’d want to see added or changes to the website, then contact me at Web Master.

-Bevan Thomas,
Cloudscape web master and storyteller

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