Over the years, Cloudscape has been frequently featured in the media through interviews, reviews of our anthologies, and a wide variety of other articles. Our members have written our own articles on a variety of topics as well.
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Events Photos

Epic Canadiana #2 Shipping Party 2015
Comics in Transit 2015
Artquake 2014
Halloween 2014
Summer Manga Camp 2014
VanCAF BBQ 2014
24 Hour Comic Day 2013
Christmas Party 2013
Draw Down 2013
Family Fuse 2013
Free Comic Book Day 2013
Halloween 2013
Quick on the Draw 2013
Stratus Opening Night 2013
Twa Corbies Book Launch 2013
Family Day 2012
Studio Launch Party 2012
Emerald City Comic Con 2010
Funday Sunnies Launch 2009