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No Cloudscape meeting on Wednesday, December 21.

This Wednesday, December the 21st, is pretty close to Christmas, and it’s a good bet a lot of you will be very busy getting ready for the celebration (certainly, many of the board will be!). That being the case, there will not be a Cloudscape meeting this week. The next meeting will the week after, on December 28th. If you can’t make it to that, then we’ll see you in the new year.

Happy holidays!

Cloudscape’s latest anthology is on Kickstarter!

Cloudscape’s latest comics anthology is on Kickstarter! Bones of the Coast is a full-colour, 220+ page comic anthology, chock-full of horror from the Pacific Northwest. Simultaneously haunting and hauntingly beautiful, BOTC is guaranteed to tickle your fancy. The anthology features 35 different creators from British Columbia, the Pacific Northwest, and abroad–and the stories within are sure to thrill and terrify. For more information, visit the Bones of the Coast Kickstarter and order your copy today!


Cloudscape at Creative Ink

creative ink

Convention season is starting up and I’d to remind everyone that Cloudscape will be prominently featured at a exciting new convention: the Creative Ink Festival for Writers, Readers, and Artists on May 6-8. Unlike many other conventions, the focus at Creative Ink will be on creating stories and art yourself rather than simply enjoying those created by others. There will be panels with several people discussing various writing and art topics, as well as single-person presentations. There will also be readings by authors, displays by artists, and an expo of people selling their goodies (books, art, etc), as well as Blue Pencil sessions where writers can get feedback on their writing from professionals and pitch sessions where people can pitch their projects to various editors and publishers. Many artists from Cloudscape will be giving various presentations on writing and drawing comics, creating webcomics, and many other topics. It will be a lot of fun. So sign-up for Creative Ink and we hope to see you all there next month!

Cloudscape Edition of SNAG

snagWednesdays at the Cobalt Club is SNAG, where artists paint all night and the club raffles them off. It’s a great way to get some original artwork without losing a bundle. Cloudscape will be participating in SNAG on April 20th from 7:30 – midnight. We’ll be raising money for Bones of the Coast that night, we want everyone in Cloudscape to come if possible. See SNAG’s Facebook page for more information.

Creative Ink Festival for Writers, Readers, and Artists

creative ink festival

The Creative Ink Festival is a three-day festival on May 6-8, 2016, dedicated to the creation of stories and art in numerous forms. It will feature both panels and single-person presentations giving writers and artists numerous tools to develop their craft, as well as analyzing the medium from a wide variety of directions. There will also be author dramatic readings, artist displays, an expo of people selling their own work (books, art, etc), and even Blue Pencil sessions where writers can get feedback on their work from professionals. A warm and welcoming environment where you learn more about your craft, network with people in the industry, and make new connections.

We at Cloudscape Comics will be prominently featured at the Festival. We’ll have a booth selling our various anthologies and will be giving a whole series of comic-related workshops on writing and drawing comics, developing your own webcomic, budgeting your various projects, and other related subjects.

You can register for the festival right now at the cheaper early registration fee. To learn more, go to the Creative Ink Festival website. We look forward to seeing you there!