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Cloudscape Comics Discussed on Broken Frontier!

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Jason Wilkins discusses Cloudscape on the comics website Broken Frontier:

“Located in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, the Cloudscape Comics Society is doing comics right. A non-profit group dedicated to producing high quality, well-crafted, intelligent comics, the CCS provides a forum and an outlet for up-and-coming creators to hone their craft and be seen. What began as a dream to pool local comics talent together for the purposes of sharing resources, knowledge, and ideas, at a local café, has recently blossomed into a roll call of more than 60 members with their first hardcover anthology set to be published later this year.”

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Cloudscape in the News

Recently, Cloudscape has been attracting people’s attention, and has been featured in numerous forms of media.

On Wednesday, our founder Jeff Ellis was interviewed by Stephen Quinn on CBC’s The Early Edition radio show.

Furthermore, our latest book, Giants of Main Street, was discussed by Ryan Ingram on The Snipe, a Vancouver news blog that reports on movies, music, comics, and other pop culture.

Giants was also given a glowing review by Jason Wilkins at Broken Frontier, a comic book news site.

Oh, and in case you missed it before, here’s a video interview Alice Quinn did of Jeff Ellis at TCAF 2012 back in May: