Meet the New Cloudscape Board

On Wednesday February 17th, 2021, Cloudscape held our Annual General Meeting. Three positions on the board were up for election. Jonathon Dalton, who had been involved with Cloudscape since the beginning and held multiple board positions, stepped down from his role as Cloudscape’s President. Earlier in 2020, Hannah Myers stepped down from her position as Cloudscape’s Vice President, and into the newly created position of Editor in Chief. Kathleen Gros, who had held the position of Secretary for the past year, stepped down from her position with the intention to run for President.

As a result of the vote held by the Cloudscape members who attended the AGM, Kathleen Gros was elected into the position of President, Oliver McTavish-Wisden was elected into the position of Vice President, and Kelly Chen was elected into the newly created position of Digital Manager.

We are thrilled to welcome Oliver, Kelly, and Kathleen to their new positions on the Cloudscape Board.

Cloudscape’s 2021 Board:

President – Kathleen Gros
Vice President – Oliver McTavish-Wisden
Digital Manager – Kelly Chen
Director of Promotions – Evan Waterman
Treasurer – Christian Lett
Ad Hoc – Emily Lampson.

Cloudscape’s 2021 Employees:

Executive Director: Jeff Ellis
Editor in Chief: Hannah Myers
Book keeper: Lyn Atkinson