Welcome to Mina’s Creator Spotlight: Jeff Ellis

Jeff is one of the creators featured in our latest anthology, Welcome to Mina’s. Jeff is the founder of Cloudscape comics and is currently their executive director. He’s assisted in most of Cloudscape’s publishing projects over the years. He was the co-creator of “Teach English in Japan with Jonathon Dalton, and has been developing a new series called Crossroads as a self-contained graphic novel. Jeff is currently completing his Bachelor’s in visual communication at Capilano University. I sat down with him [virtually] to get some insight into comics, diners, and the creative process.

Kathleen: What was the inspiration behind your story for this anthology?

Jeff: In my younger days, hangover brunch was always a good time to catch up and debrief with friends. I wanted to capture some of that sense of uncertainty in your 20’s. Vancouver can be a tough city to get settled into, and I thought that Gwen and Amit’s dilemma over a possible new relationship reflects the dilemma many Vancouverites feel about committing to live in the city. This story is part of the Crossroads universe, and I’ve had some new characters in my head that I wanted to play with. So I think there will be more of Dirk and Kelly in the future.

K: What is your favourite part of the creative process?

J: Writing is always fun, but I also find inking to be a very meditative process. Writing is more difficult and requires a lot of focus, whereas inking is something I can do while listening to a podcast. 

K: What’s your go-to diner order? 

J: I’m a regular at Scandelicious waffle house (currently a regular take-out/delivery customer). They already know what I will order as soon as I walk in. Chicken and waffles with two poached eggs and an Americano. Best waffles in the city.

K: This anthology is set in Vancouver. What’s your connection to the city? What about Vancouver did you want to highlight in your story?

J: I’m one of those odd birds that was born in the city. I’ve seen it transformed by the Expo and the Olympics. I tried living elsewhere, but this is where I feel at home. I really liked that the story was set in Strathcona. East Van is my favourite part of the city and a place I try to highlight in the other stories I’m creating for Crossroads.

* * *
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