The DRAINERS Kickstarter is LIVE!


Cloudscape is proud to present our newest Kickstarter: DRAINERS, a goofy underground graphic novel!

Chub and Coney are simple maintenance workers in the vast sewer system beneath a city they never see. They are overworked and filthy, and live for simple pleasures such as seeing a bird, or some time off. The subterranean ecosystem is thrown out of balance when a mysterious naked interloper starts causing trouble. There are plots afoot in the underground, and Chub and Coney have been given the unhappy task of clearing them away.

Chub and Coney can handle it though… or so they think. After all, when your job is literally getting crapped on, how much worse could it get?

Drainers has some excellent slapstick-style comedy in perfectly-timed comics form. It’s fun and weird, and you’re never sure what to expect. It’s the best comic that takes place in a sewer you’re likely to read.

Alex Steacy drew Drainers for the web from 2016-2017 under the name Dregs, and Cloudscape Comics is pleased to be able to bring it to you in print for the first time. It’s a bizarre adventure with unlikely heroes, a lot of humour, and a lot of heart. It is being retouched and re-lettered, and you’ll be able to hold all 150 pages of Alex’s art in your hands at last.

Aside from the book itself, there are tons of other awards available to backers, including discounted digital and physical copies of ALL of Cloudscape’s previously published comics!

The Kickstarter ends on December 17 so make sure to get on board while you have the chance!

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