How You Can Help The Bees – A new free to read comic zine

How You Can Help The Bees

Cloudscape is proud to present How You Can Help The Bees, a free to read zine all about the steps you can take to help ensure the well being of bees in your area.

Bees are one of the most important things to our ecosystem, and they’re undergoing huge population declines. For the millennia that they’ve helped us, it’s time for us to help them. This free comic is a handy guide to providing assistance to mason bees in your community. With the help of artists such as Reetta Linjama, Jonathon Dalton, Jess Pollard, Anna Bron, Madeline Berger and more, you will learn the life-cycle of mason bees, how to start a pollinator garden, and other projects you can undertake to help these little guys grow.

If you’re interested in participating in the project, or simply want to check out some fantastic art from a number of local artist, you can download your own copy of How You Can Help The Bees for FREE on our Gumroad.

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