Kelly Chen Featured in The Narwhal

Cloudscape member Kelly Chen has been featured in the journalist blog The Narwhal for her participation in the non-fiction comic, Death By A Thousand Cuts. Written by Blueberry River First Nations with Christopher Pollon, Death By A Thousand Cuts is “a story of hope and resilience from the Dane-zaa people living in what is now known as northeastern British Columbia.”

Along with art by Daniel Lafrance, the story contains fantastic inks by Cloudscape’s own Kelly Chen!

From the article:

The last 50 years have seen the traditional territory of the Dane-zaa, now the homeland of the modern Blueberry River and Doig River First Nations, transformed beyond recognition.

By 2016 more than 110,000 kilometres of roads, pipelines and transmission and seismic lines had been cut across 40,000 square kilometres of land. The collective sum of this environmental devastation has been likened to a “death by a thousand cuts.”

Page one of “Death By A Thousand Cuts”

To read the full comic, check out the article on The Narwhal website.

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