“Epic Canadiana” Featured in Blogs!

LoonEpic Canadiana has been selling well and catching the attention of numerous people. The anthology has been featured in both the Canadian Heroes tumblr page and the They Stand on Guard! blog:

1. “Check out Epic Canadiana a new anthology series from Cloudscape Comics. It’s an ebook, only $3. It re-imagines Canadian heroes from the Golden Age by a bevy of talented BC comic creators.” – Canadian Heroes.

2. “There’s a good blend of re-imagined/updated versions of other World War Two characters and new creations.  Now that we’ve been formally introduced, I’m curious to see whether they will actually form a team, or if future stories will be based on Canuck’s influence on the individual characters….  Either way, I look forward to more volumes of Epic Canadiana.” – They Stand on Guard!

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