Daily Archives: August 5, 2011

Name Game: Joker

Ever since aboriginal shamans first locked horns with puritan mystics, ever since the first explorers of the “New World” unearthed mysteries far older than they could comprehend, there have been secret discoveries, secret wars, within the United States of America. And since almost the beginning, an organization was created to deal with it. Its purpose is simple: to protect America from paranormal forces, to make certain that the American populace remains ignorant (or “protected”) from them, and to see how such forces can be used for the betterment of the country.

The current director is a man who calls himself John Jones, an obvious pseudonym. He is the ultimate MIB, totally generic in his black suit and mirrored sunglasses, utterly unemotional while surrounded by total insanity. Witchcraft, aliens, bizarre supervillains, nothing seems to phase him. Many of his subordinates wonder if “Mr. J” is an emotionless robot programmed to serve his country. None have ever seen him crack a smile, perhaps he doesn’t even really comprehend what humour is. Certainly everything he says seems to be entirely earnest and to the point. In light of that, most agents of Shade have sarcastically referred to him as the “Joker,” though never to his face. He wouldn’t find in funny.