Cloudscape Presents: The Perpetual Jam 7

All of our comics in a jar... we should sell that on Etsy! Friday April 1 at 5:00 PM all the way until Saturday April 2 at 5:00 PM on

“A perpetual jam?” you might ask, “Is that some sort of magical preserve? Or perhaps a nightmare where you sit in your car in traffic forever?”

No! It’s our members way of torturing themselves for sweet sweet donations to our 21 Journeys fundraiser!

A totally online event, the Perpetual Jam is a multi-hour comic jam that will be broadcasted live on our Ustream. A comic jam is where one artist draws a panel, passes it to another artist who must continue the story. You will be able to watch Vancouver comic artists sweat it out while trying to come up with crazy ideas to keep the jam going, while you can pledge small coin to throw wrenches in their works, like suggesting that someone has to add the Duke of York eating ice-cream in the next panel.

The length of the event will be determined directly by the viewers. We will double to total amount of pledges needed to continue every two hours, so that if we don’t make the cap we can pack up, go home and slumber in our soft beds instead of being forced to draw by anonymous cackling dictators on the internet.

And, just when you thought this event couldn’t get any better, we will also be chatting with artists about their comicking methods and demanding that they reveal their secrets. From medium to technique to their thoughts on the business and publishing of comics, these segments through out the 24 hours are a great way to learn a variety of different things about making comics in one delicious package.

The cherry on top? I will be your illustrious host. So I will be talking to a camera for 24 HOURS STRAIGHT. If things don’t get hilarious, I’ll eat my left arm.

How to watch and participate:

Head on over to our ustream channel at 5:00 PM PST on April 1. If you want to chat, you will need to have a ustream account or sign in with facebook/twitter.

If you want to demand a particular subject for the Comic Jam, pledge a minimum of $1 on our IndieGoGo fundraiser with a note about what you want and who you want to draw it (if anyone).

We will be taking live commissions. If you would like a commission done by one of the artists present, pledge a minimum of $5 on our IndieGoGo fundraiser with a description of what you want and who you want to draw it. It will be done, on camera, and then mailed to you after the event.

The person who donates the most money throughout the event will receive the Jam, in it’s entirety. You can have it as a memento of what happens when you chug 4 redbull while yielding a brush pen. Classic.

In the coming days I will post about our confirmed artists and guests. If you would like to make a pledge early for the perpetual jam, please head over to IndieGoGo. Be sure say somewhere in your pledge that it’s for the Perpetual Jam!

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