Comic Battle Round 11: Trailblazing

Hello fellow comickers! We’re forging on to the theme for our next comic battle, which was chosen at Wednesday’s meeting at the Grind Gallery & Cafe in Vancouver.

Our theme for this week is : Trailblazing

The idea behind the comic battle is for artists out there to make a one page comic on our weekly theme. When you’ve finished the comic, hopefully before our deadline, email a web ready file of it to

Your file must be maximum 900 pixels by 900 pixels and submitted with all the information you would like to be credited with. If you don’t give us your name, etc, we will make our best guess based on your email address!

This week is a Prize Round!

The winner of next week’s vote will be receiving an autographed limited edition print of the Exploded View cover image by Camilla D’Errico and Edison Yan.

It looks a little something like this, except sans the Exploded View title:

If you are interested in looking at past comic battles for reference, all of them can be found here.

Again, here is a quick overview of the rules:


  • Results, new themes, and new polls go up on Wednesday nights
  • Entries are due at 7:30pm on Wednesday, September 1
  • Original work only
  • Anyone may enter
  • Files should be at most 900×900 pixels, web-ready jpg or png
  • Email entries to

Good Luck and Happy Comicking!

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