Collecting Classic Canadian Comic Characters

Brok Windsor

Johnny Canuck

As we mentioned before, a few enterprising individuals are publishing impressive anthologies that collect the adventures of classic Canadian superheroes. The first collection focused on Nelvana of the Northern Lights, perhaps Canadian’s most well-known hero from the Golden Age of Comics, and now they’ve started kickstarter campaigns for two other iconic classic Canadian heroes: Johnny Canuck, Canada’s intrepid hero of WWII, and Brok Windsor, Flash Gordon-esque explorer of the magical Land Beyond the Mists.

Interested in discovering more about the rip-roaring adventures of Canada’s Golden Age? Then show your support at:

Johnny Canuck Kickstarter

Brok Windsor Kickstarter

They’re fascinating pieces of Canadian pop culture history. They’re fascinating comics too. Go take a look!


More Classic Canadian Superheroes to Get Collected!


We here at Cloudscape are big fans of all kinds of Canadian comics, including the Golden Age Canadian Whites that were published back in the 40s. We’ve already published Epic Canadiana #1an anthology pastiching such classic characters as Nelvana of the Northern Lights and Johnny Canuck, and are currently working on #2. We’re also exciting to see people reprinting the original stories. Earlier this year, a collected Nelvana was published, and a copy of that exciting book is currently available in the Cloudscape library. Now two more books are prepared, one featuring Johnny Canuck, Canada’s Captain America, and the other about Brok Windsor, a Canadian explorer who finds himself trapped in the fantastical Land Beyond the Mists. Stop by their Facebooks to learn more about both these compelling projects.

Brok Windsor