Iron Circus has announced the topic for its next anthology

Tim'rous Beastie

Iron Circus Comics, known for its diverse range of indie comic anthologies (such as Sleep of Reason and New World), has announced the theme of its next book! Tim’rous Beastie will be a collection of animal adventure stories in the style of Redwall, Watership Down, Mouseguard, and other sagas of tiny critters on thrilling adventures in a big and dangerous world. They won’t be taking submissions until December 1st, so you have many months to brainstorm. For more information, visit the Tim’rous Beastie tumblr.


Our 8th Comics Anthology Available via Kickstarter! 1

Greetings, comic fans!

Our eighth comics anthology, MEGA FAUNA, is easily going to be our best one yet: over 200 pages of full-colour stories to be enjoyed by comic and animal-lovers of all ages! If you like pets, wild beasts, and weird monsters, you’ll love this book! Contributors include Nina Matsumoto, Sfe R. Monster, Colin Upton, Angela Melick, Ian Boothby, Edison Yan, and so many more talented local cartoonists. Check out this promotional video starring some of our favourite creatures, and then drop by the Mega Fauna Kickstarter to reserve your copy and pick-up many more comic-related goodies, such as other graphic novels, custom sketches, and collectible monster cards!