Much the Miller’s Son: The Doomsday Book


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Written and Illustrated by Steve LeCouilliard, this book is the complete Much the Miller’s Son, which includes Volumes 1-3, plus brand new stories from Steve LeCouillard.

It is the reign of the tyrannical King John. The Norman boot  presses heavily on the necks of the Saxon people of Englande. Only one  man dares to resist. Only one man dares to set the strength of his  longbow against the injustice of Norman law– A hero whose name echoes  down the centuries! A man whose courage is matched only by his  generosity! One man, whose legend lives to this very day! That man is  Robin, Earl of Locksley, better known as ROBIN HOOD!

But  enough about him. This is the story of a rather less legendary figure. A  simple miller’s son who finds himself caught up in the swell of great  events–and wants nothing to do with them!

This is the story of Much, the Miller’s Son.

Much the Miller’s Son is for mature audiences.