Fantastic Frights


An all-ages horror anthology.

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Evil dust bunnies, botanical horrors, werewolf landlords, and more! We’ve gathered all of our most thrilling tales together in this terrible tome of terrors, known only as… FANTASTIC FRIGHTS! Drawing inspiration from shows like, Tales from the Crypt and Freaky Stories, Fantastic Frights is a dreadfully delightful return to the pulp horror anthologies of the past, featuring stories from over 20 creators that are sure to entertain both new readers and seasoned horror veterans alike!


Evan Waterman (Vancouver), Reetta Linjama (Vancouver), Bex, Desirae Salmark, Lo Vicente, Kelly Chen (Vancouver), Kathleen Gros (Vancouver), Olga Wieszczyk, Magnus van der Marel (Vancouver), Cecil G, Teddy McKay, Amy Chase, Haley Boros (Vancouver), Ian Fenton (Vancouver), Jade McGilvray (Vancouver), Ryan Breadinc, Eden Cooke (Vancouver), Paolo Barbosa, Robin Carpenter (Vancouver), Eric Button (Vancouver), Hannah Myers (Vancouver)

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