The Cloudscape Comics Society is a non-profit comics organization based in British Columbia dedicated to publishing BC graphic novels and fostering a community where all comics creators can network with each other while developing their craft and continuing to push the boundaries of the comic book medium. As a far-reaching charity, Cloudscape has spearheaded comic book classes for the public, special events and talks on the medium, public artworks, and numerous other activities that engage the public with the fascinating world of comics.

The Studio

In 2012, the Vancouver Parks Board awarded us the South Memorial Park field house to use as our collective studio space through the Artist Studio Residency Program, where we meet every Wednesday evening.

This program provides project space and access to parks in order to foster community-engaged activities that focus on arts, culture, sport, environment, local food, and social encounters. It has given Cloudscape our studio and gotten us involved in numerous events all over the city. For more information, visit the Field House Activation Program website.

Cloudscape HQ is located on the top floor of South Memorial Park’s field house at 5955 Ross Street, Vancouver (Ross + 41st, located inside the park). Here both aspiring and experienced comic artists can network, exchange ideas, and perfect their craft in a supportive environment. The studio is also where Cloudscape hosts life drawing sessions, as well as different community outreach events.


Cloudscape Comics is an organization that has touched a lot of people. Here’s what’s being said about us:

What Our Members Say

“I would definitely not be making my webcomic if I hadn’t gained the discipline I did meeting my deadlines for Cloudscape. I also met my co-writer Jonathon Dalton through Cloudscape. It’s meant so much to me to see this group grow to the level it is at now, and it’s given me the drive to pursue my own artistic career.”

Jeff Ellis, Cloudscape founder, Teach English in Japan

“Before I moved to Vancouver and joined Cloudscape, the only other comickers I knew were on the Internet. Having this real life network of people has made such a difference in my life…. I won a Xeric award to help print my book Lords of Death and Life. I only applied for this grant because another member, Wei Li, was doing the same. Now we have three Xeric winners in the group. For an award given to only a handful of people in North America each year, there sure seem to be a lot of us in Vancouver!”

Jonathon Dalton, Lords of Death and Life, A Mad Tea-Party, Teach English in Japan

“We build each other up in Cloudscape, and we give each other the confidence to take on new challenges. I doubt the process of releasing my first book, We Are the Engineers, would have gone nearly as smoothly without the expertise of the other members of the group, or the experience of publishing our anthologies. In turn, I’m able to share my experience of promoting comics on the web.”

Angela Melick, Wasted Talent

“Vancouver has demonstrated time and time again that its many cartoonists have a voice–one that is unique from cartoonists elsewhere in Canada–and Cloudscape has given them the opportunity to showcase their talents in the best way possible…. [Cloudscape is] a success in bringing together the eclectic talents of Vancouver, offering direction, drive, and support to independent creators.”

Shannon Campbell, organizer of the Vancouver Comics Art Festival (VanCAF)

What Other People Say

“For the event, the society presented a drop-in workshop on all the different aspects of creating a comic. It was very well-organised into the separate processes, layout, dialogue, drawing figures, inking, colouring, etc. Different members lead each of the different areas and shared their own knowledge and techniques with the participants. It is always a great experience for our participants to work directly with artists. The families created really great comics, had fun and learned a lot from the workshop…. It would be a pleasure to work with them again sometime in the future.”

Laura Holland, Vancouver Art Gallery

“[Cloudscape] made me realize the importance of art within a comic book club. With their advice I have been able to purchase some of the best comic books/graphic novels for our [Youth Comic Book Club], as well as art supplies and workshops to help teach the club about drawing. Thus far, Cloudscape has been an absolute priceless support and resource for our department. I hope to keep in touch to hear about local art and comic events, as well as bring the youth on a tour of their fabulous space. Many hay cx qus to Cloudscape!!”

Jayne Simpson, Musqueam Reserve

“I personally have seen them in action at the Nikkei National Museum’s week-long kids day camp last July, where four diverse and fantastic teachers taught Manga – a Japanese comic genre – to our 9 to 12 year old camp participants…. We are now looking at ways to work with them more in the future. The Cloudscape Comic collective is a Vancouver gem, and we must foster their development as community-engaged artists.”

Naomi Horii, Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre

Vancouver Park Board’s Field House Activation Program

Cloudscape’s headquarters is provided by the Park Board’s Field House Activation Program. This  excellent program provides project space and access to parks in order to foster community-engaged activities that focus on arts, culture, sport, environment, local food, and social encounters. Our involvement with  this has not only given us our studio, but also gotten Cloudscape involved in numerous events all over the city. For more information, visit the Field House Activation Program website.