Drainers and Life Finds A Way Now On ComiXology

Happy Thursday everyone! We hope you’ve been coping well with all the crazy life changes going on right now.

We have some good news for all our digital readers: Cloudscape’s newest releases, Drainers and Life Finds A Way, are now available for download on ComiXology Submit!

For those who backed the Kickstarter for the books, physical copies are arriving shortly at Cloudscape HQ, so you can look forward to seeing those in the mail soon.

drainers cover

Chub and Coney are simple maintenance workers in the vast sewer system beneath a city they never see. They are overworked and filthy and live for simple pleasures such as seeing a bird, or some time off. The subterranean ecosystem is thrown out of balance when a mysterious naked interloper starts causing trouble. There are plots afoot in the underground, and Chub and Coney have been given the unhappy task of clearing them away.

Check out Drainers on Comixology here.

Life Finds A Way Mock Up

Edited by Dan Anctil and Alina Pete, Life Finds a Way contains 20 stories from cartoonists around the world, with apocalypses technological, supernatural, and surreal. But more importantly, these are stories about people coming together, getting creative, forming community, and helping each other. Just because the world as we knew it is gone, doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to end with it.

Check out Life Finds A Way on Comixology here.

Of course, you can still get copies of both books through our Gumroad page as well.

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