Second edition of “Look Straight Ahead” is being published through Renegade Arts

Look Straight Ahead is a powerful graphic novel by Canadian cartoonist Elaine M. Will, exploring the mental breakdown of 17-year-old Jeremy Knowles. School pressure and extreme bullying  cause Jeremy to suffer a break from reality, and he must find a way to heal himself as everything feels like it’s crumbling around him. This graphic novel is an intense exploration of mental illness, using the unique framework of the comic medium to explore a topic that’s rarely discussed in graphic novels.

Look Straight Ahead  was nominated for a 2011 Joe Shuster Award and was the recipient of a 2012 Xeric Award. In addition, it has received accolades from numerous sources, including the Canadian Mental Health Association. If you didn’t pick a copy before, now the second edition of Look Straight Ahead is being published by Renegade Arts Entertainment and it is currently available for order from October’s Diamond Comic Distributors Previews catalog under order code OCT171765.

To get a copy of this critically-acclaimed mental health drama, simply ask your local comic book store to order you a copy with order code OCT171765. To learn more about the story, visit the Look Straight Ahead website.

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