True Loves

true-loves-vol-1-coverReview by Matthew Nielsen

True Loves by Jason Turner and Manien Batoma is a romance comic set in Vancouver, Canada, that tells the story of True, the owner of a used clothes store, and Zander, a grocery clerk with a positive attitude. The story starts with True in a relationship with Dirk, a busy and well-to-do man, but the two aren’t on the same wavelength. When Zander comes into play, True finds that he’s someone she can relate to more. The book balances the perspectives of both True and Zander, equally following the life of one, then the other, while also presenting the times they meet up together.

The characters are likable, believable, and all-round good people. The story has a positive vibe to it, but plenty of realistic challenges come along as well.

The artwork, by Turner, whilst not at the level of detail of, say, the average manga or superhero comic, still shows everything that needs to be shown, and in a bold, clean, and clear style. The comic flows really well at a fine pace, and if you want to read it fast, that can be done no problem.

Be ready for a good little graphical trip to Vancouver with a short and sweet story. I’m looking forward to reading the next volume.

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