TradeWaiters 10: “Finder: Voice” by Carla Speed McNeil

The TradeWaiters are back! This episode actually went online on December 25th, but the Cloudscape site was offline at the time, so it’s fresh and new as far as anyone seeing it here first knows.

In episode 10, Jon, Jeff, Angela, and Kathleen read Voice from Carla Speed McNeil’s celebrated science fiction series Finder. This volume covers Rachel Grossvenor’s rocky initiation into the image-conscious clan of her mother and grandmothers, and how the hardest thing to find is a finder. Also in this episode, someone makes the mistake of letting Jon talk about Star Trek, and Kathleen contemplates switching to reading books digitally (gasp!).

Music by Sleuth

Episode 11 will be volumes 1 & 2 of Astro Boy by Osamu Tezuka and will be up in just a few days.

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