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Artist Bio

Our artist page is a place for Cloudscape members to showcase their comic portfolio and contact info. The page is regularly frequented by organizations looking to hire comics artists, so we encourage you to add a bio for yourself, especially if you’re open for commissions.

If you’re a Cloudscape member and are interested in being featured on the page, please submit your artist bio to evan(at)

Your bio should follow the guidelines below:

  1. Image height 300px, width 150px
  2. Name of artist
  3. Main website or contact link
  4. Up to 3 social media/other related links (please send as regular links, not just handles)
  5. Status (can include 0-4 of these options)
    -Mentor (if you are willing to mentor aspiring artists)
    -Commissionable (if you take commissions)
    -Teacher (if you are willing to teach classes)
    -Contributor (to Cloudscape anthologies)
  6. Bio description of Artist, 600 characters MAX (including spaces)

Webcomic Info

We also host links to the webcomics of our members, active or not, as a chance to showcase their art. If you would like to feature your webcomic on our website, please also send the following information in addition to the above:

  1. Title you want displayed
  2. Author(s) name(s) you want displayed
  3. One link to a personal webpage/contact (contact page, portfolio, email address, etc)
  4. Synopsis of the comic, 150 characters MAX (including spaces)
  5. Website URL of your comic (preferably the homepage or first page of their comic)
  6. An image that represents the comic that is exactly 200 x 200px
  7. Status (1 of the following):
    -On Hiatus

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