Cloudscape Receives City Grant for Comics in Transit Shelters 1

Thanks to a Vancouver city grant, Cloudscape Comics will be commissioning 15-20 artists to produce a series of one-page comic stories centered around the theme of life in cities around the world. This will include stories from the past and present, both fictional and non-fictional, either to bring a smile to people’s day or touch on important social issues. These comics will be distributed to transit shelters using the city’s Transit Shelter Advertising Program, and will appear all across Metro Vancouver to give everyone equal chance to explore the city and discover every comic. This project is a bold new direction for Cloudscape that will encourage multi-cultural storytelling and promote connections between people in Vancouver. Furthermore, it will highlight the comic artists and writers currently living in Vancouver, and encourage more artists to participate in Cloudscape Comics projects. This is the second grant we’ve received recently and it’s really exciting that the city is eager to help support our initiatives. Thank you to everyone who has helped move this project forward and has contributed to the growth of Cloudscape Comics!

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