Comic Syrup Press: Republishing Classic Canadian Comics 1

Comic Syrup Press

As a Canada-based society of comic creators, we at Cloudscape Comics always love to follow the development of new and exciting Canadian comic companies. One that’s already been attracting a lot of interesting attention is Comic Syrup Press. Rachel Richey has dedicated herself to producing high quality complete collected editions of “Canadian Whites” characters, those weird and wonderful heroes who fought criminals, lunatics, and Nazis in 1940s Canadian comics. She worked with Hope Nicholson to publish the complete Nelvana of the Northern Lights, and now has struck off on her own. Her first solo project, the collected Johnny Canuck stories, will be coming out soon, and the Comic Syrup website promises many others after that: Mr. Monster, Thunderfist, the Penguin, Speed Savage, and more! To learn more, visit the Comic Syrup website and its Facebook page. This is definitely something Canadian comic fans should be keeping an eye on!

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