Cloudscape Comics featured in "The Tyee"


Cloudscape’s Jeff Ellis and Mara Coman were recently featured in BC’s alternative online magazine The Tyee:

“Since she joined the group in 2010, Mara Coman hasn’t looked back. She’s gotten involved in everything from event planning to representing the group at conventions to ‘yodeling via livestream’ to raise money for the Cloudscape fantasy anthology, Giants of Main Street, which featured a story written and drawn by her. She’s also found that the diversity of the membership at Cloudscape makes it an excellent hub for networking. Coman is currently working part time lettering manga, a job she got through a connection made at Cloudscape, and before that was an working an animation gig offered to her by a fellow member.

But for Coman, it’s the community that keeps her coming back. ‘Artists have a tendency to become hermits, making comics by themselves,’ she says. ‘I think the socializing aspect is just as important, to meet new people, to share ideas.'”

For more, read “A Label for Comics, by Comic Artists.”

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