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Connecting Comic Book Writers and Artists is a facebook group dedicated to helping comic book writers and artists network with fellow creators, collaborate on projects, and learn about calls for submission. As the group features 7,500+ members, there’s a lot of potential collaborators here, waiting to hear about your new project.

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  • Steve Strangio

    Hey All,
    So I’m just going to lay it all out plainly.

    The title of the graphic novel is SAM Demon Hunter.

    Check out characters and story here – http://samdemonhunter.blogspot.com/

    – I have a completed graphic novel script with a publishing contract.
    – I’m seeking five artists.
    – You will be paid with a back-end percentage of 4% of the net. The net represents the amount of money that will be invested into the graphic novel. Once that’s achieved, we all get paid.
    – Artist will be responsible for artwork, coloring, and lettering. Digital artists preferred.
    – Deadline is 3-months. Start and end dates to be announced.
    – Story has a Supernatural Superhero theme. It’s an adventure with comedy. Think Buffy meets The Evil Dead style of story.
    – I’m looking for artists that understand action, character design, and panel layout.
    – Artist will be asked to create 24-pages from my written script PLUS cover art.
    – I will provide character info and style guide.

    So that’s about it.

    Are there better deals out there? Absolutely. However, this graphic novel will be published and there will be a contract. The publishing company has a great reputation for promotion and working with talent.

    I’m getting a back-end percentage as well as you.

    I’ll need to see your portfolio and/or whatever examples you can so I can evaluate your style.

    I can also answer any questions you may have.

    Steve Strangio

    • Bevan Post author


      It would make more sense for you to post on that particular Facebook group rather than in this response.