"Epic Canadiana" On Sale!

Epic CanadianaCloudscape Comics is delighted to announce the sale of its newest book: Epic Canadiana, an anthology of Canadian superhero stories that pays tribute to the golden age of Canadian comics with such figures as the ruthless gun-wielding vigilante the Loon, arctic demigoddess Ikniqpalagaq, costumed activist Jacques de Canada, vengeful spectre the Ghost-Woman, dynastic adventuring Nite-Flyer and Nitro-Girl, cosmic force the Energy Trader, future freedom fighter Gin, and of course Canada’s living legend Johnny Canuck.

From Nazi-ravaged Arctic to modern Montreal to post-apocalyptic Vancouver, nine diverse heroes defend the country against a multitude of foes. Thrill to their adventures in this exciting ebook filled with 170 pulse-pounding pages for a mere $2.95.

Visit Epic Canadiana at the Cloudscape store to read some sample pages and purchase the anthology.

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