Top Cow Talent Hunt

Top Cow, the comic book company most famous for publishing Witchblade, has announced that it is engaged in a talent search for two new writers and two new artists to create comics for them within the Top Cow universe. They’ve just rebooted their universe with subtle changes, and they want new, untapped talent to develop some of the less prominent characters. This talent search is only interested in writers and artists who have not yet been published in comics, though people who’ve self-published or been published by obscure companies (such as, say, Cloudscape) can still submit work. Top Cow just doesn’t want people who’ve appeared in DC, Marvel, 2000 AD, Image, stuff like that.

This is a great opportunity for people who want to break into the comic industry. Deadline for submissions is at the end of December.

For full information, visit Top Cow Talent Hunt 2012. For additional information, you can tweet Top Cow writer/publisher Matt Hawkins and/or review his answers to previous Talent Hunt tweets.

Good luck!

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