Call for Submissions- Waterlogged: Stories from the Seventh Sea

Waterlogged: Stories from the Seventh Sea

The seas envelope our planet, cradling the continents and shaping our world. While the mountains take millennia to rise and fall and the plains remain unchanged over generations, the ocean transforms from moment to moment, a breathless, effervescent place.

Some look out at the water and see a world rife with danger: sudden violent storms, massive tsunamis, mythical monsters, and the mysterious depths that have claimed – and will continue to claim – many lives.

Others look out at the horizon and see tranquility: a vast, peaceful place, with waves gently undulating like a crooning lullaby. Home is where the waves are.

And yet even others see the great unknown, each corner of the world offering untold mystery. What lies beyond the blue horizon? Will you prove your mettle and live to tell the tale?

Waterlogged will be Cloudscape’s seventh annual comics anthology. The deadline for script submissions is September 10th. At that point the editors need to see a finished story (in the form of thumbnails with dialogue, sketch pages, a movie-style script, or something similar- something more than just a pitch and something less than finished pages). Creators whose stories are accepted will find out soon after, and then the final art deadline will be November 30th.

The book will be hard cover and landscape format- 8 inches wide and 6.5 inches tall. It will be two-colour (black ink and blue ink). Stories must be an odd number of pages each and start on the LEFT-hand side of the spread (so there can be a standardized title page on the preceding right-hand page). Each individual story must be from 3 to 9 pages in length (so, 3, 5, 7, or 9 pages). However, each creator can have up to two stories accepted in the book, as long as the total space for each creator does not exceed 14 pages (for example, you could have a 9-page story and a 5-page story, but not two 9-page stories). Collaborations are totally allowed. The editors will accept scripts without artists and artists without scripts, though there is no guarantee that a good match can be found for everyone. Before the script deadline we will have a PDF explaining all the formatting requirements for the book available on the Cloudscape site for all you visual learners to make sure you’ve built your stories correctly.

As usual, Cloudscape is a not-for-profit society and has to pay its bills before it can pay its contributors, but creators keep all the rights to anything that is submitted or ends up in an anthology.

Submissions can be sent to “comm at cloudscapecomics dot com,” as can any questions about the submission guidelines. Feel free to share this post with any eligible creator (i.e. one with residential ties to British Columbia) who you think may be interested.

Jonathon Dalton
Cloudscape Communications Director
on behalf of the Waterlogged editors:
Jeff Ellis, Kevin Forbes, Angela Melick, Bevan Thomas, Christine Vivier, and Shannon Campbell

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