Sites for Comic Collaborations and Clients

The Cloudscape website already includes, in the “Comics 101” section, a list of various comic book companies who accept unsolicited submissions, but there are also various websites that include classifieds for people to post comic book-related jobs, recruit writers, artists, or other individuals for collaborative projects, or post their own portfolio to attract the attention of potential clients.

The following websites were developed to assist comic creators in looking for work or collaborations or simply in finding other people in the industry to talk shop with.

1. Digital Webbing: one of the most respected sources for finding comic-related jobs. They have a really extensive classified section as well as a forum where people can showcase their work, discuss ideas, and look for collaborators.

2. Comic Book Resources Forum: a section of this popular news site’s forum is devoted to people posting requests for comic book writers and artists.

3. Pencil Jack: a large forum for discussing and work-shopping ideas and learning about new techniques. It also features a bulletin board for job postings.

4. Comic Art Commissions: a site for comic artists to showcase their work and connect with interested buyers.

5. Online Comics: a website that seeks to categorize and index the various comics that can be found on the Web. It also includes a large forum with a section on various comic techniques and another for comic creators to request people for collaborations.

6. Talk About Comics: has, among its numerous sections, a “Find a Collaborator” forum.

These are certainly not the only options available on the Internet, but there is much that independent comic creators will find useful here.

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