Colin Upton at Broken Frontier

Broken Frontier is a comics news website that I frequently blog for on various topics.

My latest blog post discusses someone I’m sure all of you are familiar with, that master of minicomics, that adept of autobiography, that emir of the underground… the one, the only Colin Upton:

Colin Upton's "Utterly True History of Mini-Comics"

“He’s a fascinating guy. A generation older than the rest of the Cloudscape team, he started making comics in the 1980s and became an important part of Canada’s developing independent comics scene. He was prominently featured in John Bell’s Invaders from the North, a book that analyzes the development of the Canadian comic book, and in Bryan Talbot’s The Naked Artist, a collection of weird and wonderful stories….”

For more, read my article at Broken Frontier.

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