Motions Proposed for the Cloudscape General Meeting

The Cloudscape Comics Society will be holding a general meeting on Wednesday, August 24, 2011. If you are a member of Cloudscape and would like to attend, please email info [at] for the time and location.

The Board of Directors will be proposing a number of motions to be considered by Cloudscape members at this meeting. Please take a look at the proposed motions and feel free to comment here, or send an email to the above address.

Any member may propose a motion for consideration at the general meeting. All motions must be received by one of the directors before Friday August 19 at 11:59 PM PST. All motions proposed at the meeting will need 75% approval by the members in attendance to be considered.

Motions proposed for the Cloudscape Special General Meeting

  1. BIRT (Be it resolved that) The Bylaws of the Cloudscape Comics Society be ammended to include a fifth director on the Board of Directors, to be name the Ad Hoc Director, with the duties added to Part 7 of the Bylaws as follows:

     45 The Ad Hoc Director must

    a. Carry out any and all duties set forth by the Board of Directors or at any Annual General Meeting or General Meeting.

  2. BIFRT (Be it further resolved that) The Bylaws be renumbered accordingly.
  3. Whereas the nominations for Ad Hoc Director and Treasurer have been open for 3 weeks, BIRT elections be opened for the position of Treasurer and Ad Hoc Director.
  4. BIRT upon the completion of the ballot count, all ballots be destroyed by the Elections Officer, Victoria Stitcha. BIFRT the Registrar of British Columbia be notified of director changes.
  5. BIRT the address for the Cloudscape Comics Society be changed and filed with the Registrar of British Columbia
  6. BIRT the Treasurer be added to the list of signing officers listed with the Cloudscape Bank accounts.


Proposed Agenda for the General Meeting:

  • Appointment of the Chair
  • Roll Call
  • Motions and Elections
  • Ballot Destruction


  • 2012 Anthology
  • Digital Anthology
  • VanCAF
  • Additional discussion from the floor.

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