Candidate Platforms for Treasurer and Ad Hoc Director Elections

Hey Cloudscape members!

I’m Victoria (formally, but call me Vicky) and I’m looking after the upcoming elections. I hope you’ve been paying attention to the emails that have been going out! This one is particularly important, because two members will be added to the board to help Cloudscape grow bigger. Jeff, Vanessa and Jonathon have done a fantastic job in getting the word about comics and art in Vancouver out there, but at the amazing rate Cloudscape’s been going at, the need for new board members was inevitable.

Here, I’ve got platforms written up by those running for the Ad Hoc. Director and Treasurer. In my own, humble opinion, those that have decided to run are all stellar folks. They all have previously gone out of their way to help Cloudscape achieve goals. Thing is, because of their efforts it’s really tough for the board to decide; what more, Cloudscape wouldn’t exist without its members. That said, the people you vote for should be people you feel comfortable with and whom you think is most appropriate to represent us. That’s where you come in to give us your voice.

Remember, the votes must be done in person, so please mark the following dates on your calendar:

Early voting:
August 17th, Grind cafe on Main and King Edward

Special General Meeting:
August 24th, Jeff and Sydney’s house (email for address)

Without further ado, here are the campaigns!

Christine Vivier – Ad Hoc Director

From Azale by Christine Vivier.

My name is Christine Vivier, and I’m running for the Ad Hoc Director position. I’ve only been a member of Cloudscape for a few months now, but being with this group has given direction to my art and given me the opportunity to meet and work with exceptionally talented people. Cloudscape has given me a lot in a very short period of time, and I want to contribute as much as I can.

So far I’ve worked at a bake sale to help raise money at the Green Lantern Event, helped package the 21 Journeys books for shipping, and just recently have started to work on a comic for the digital magazine. I hope to contribute more in the future, as all of these events have been extremely positive experiences for me. I have been working on an online webcomic for six years now, and I hope to produce more as time goes on. I have worked at four different conventions, and I published my first book two years ago.

My background includes working through the Vancouver School Board, mentoring in comic book creation, teaching English overseas in Taiwan, and working as an office administrator. These experiences have given me a strong work ethic, the ability to cope with challenging circumstances, and an ability to be flexible and think critically.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bevan Thomas –  Ad Hoc Director

From "Fly Away" Written by Bevan Thomas and Illustrated by Reetta Linjama. From 21 Journeys.

I am a writer who’s worked on numerous projects, both fiction and nonfiction. As well as my work with Cloudscape, I’ve also co-written a serialized gothic television drama entitled Such Sweet Sin, which is currently being optioned by a producer, and have done editing and copywriting for the PR company Personae Communications. I am currently in a career transition stage, wanting to become a copywriter, editor, and information architect. Because these are the field I want to break into, I am using my work in various areas of the Cloudscape organization to develop my portfolio. As my work with Cloudscape enhances my resume, it is something that has strong practical benefit for me, and thus I am highly motivated to commit a lot of time and energy into it. Since I am purely a writer, my creative projects are never individual works, but are collaborations in which I build a rapport with another person and then develop my stories to play to their strengths and achieve synthesis. It is never just what I can do, but what we can do together.

Over the last few months I’ve developed the Cloudscape website, including creating sections on comic tutorials (“Comics 101”), the Vancouver comics community (“Community”), and articles by and about Cloudscape (“Media”). I’ve also reorganized the links section for maximum clarity, written numerous articles for the Cloudscape blog, and greatly expanded the Comics section to included extensive on-line libraries for some of Cloudscape’s prominent members. Now I’ve shifted my focus from content to format: how do we reorganize the data to make the website more appealing to search engines, and what are the best ways to get the word out so that more people visit the site? Not only does my work on the site demonstrate my dedication to Cloudscape, but it also shows my willingness to take initiative. I saw a need and worked to fulfil it. I keep asking myself “what can I do for Cloudscape?”

I intend to continue to develop the Cloudscape website, creating useful and compelling content, optimizing it for search engines, and spreading the word. It will become not only an introduction to the organization but a showcase for members’ talents and a resource for people who wish learn more about creating comics or about the BC comics community. Though right now the website is my biggest focus, I’m not stopping there. I have various other ideas about how to give Cloudscape stronger branding, develop a stronger sense of community, and get the word out about this great organization of ours. There’s nothing I love more than artistic collaboration, and for me that’s what Cloudscape is: one giant creative project where numerous terrific artists come together to produce amazing stuff, and I intend to do all I can to facilitate this collaboration.

-Bevan Thomas

Oliver Mctavish-Wisden – Treasurer

From The Scout by Oliver McTavish-Wisden.

Greetings fellow writers and artists of Cloudscape Comics. We may have not known each other for too long, but I, Oliver Mctavish-Wisden, am throwing my hat into the ring for Cloudscape board member. Though only being a member for two months, I think I’d be a good fit for either the treasurer or ad-hoc position. I maintain a regular attendance at all meetings and I update the groups Tumblr with new content weekly (check it out!). I have previous related experience as a visual arts representative on the Simon Fraser Student Society, and I spent my last year at SFU as a treasurer for the Grad Show committee, which included writing grant proposals, fundraising, creating a budget, and account administration. I’ve decided to run because I want to help Vancouver’s indie comic scene grow. I want your ideas to explode and put Vancouver on the map of cities known for innovation and creativity. Either above or underground, I think it’s possible to build a community around the art we love to create and enjoy. Cloudscape is a good vehicle for the kind of community and I’m prepared to help it flourish, whether I’m elected or not.

Thank you for your consideration, and I’ll see you next jam!

– Oliver McTavish Wisden, Comic Stripper

Sydney More – Treasurer

Short by Sydney More.

I am the current acting Treasurer and shipper for Cloudscape. I have been heavily involved with our group since last August – promoting our publications and membership at conventions and online. I am currently an editor for Giants of Main Street, and was a contributor for 21 Journeys. I helped to organize and obtain supplies for a number of Cloudscape fundraisers (Including spearheading the 8” by 8” art sale). I supplied concept and content for 24 hour comic jam.

In the next few months, I intend to publish a small-scale, hand published themedanthology (semiannually) called ‘Silver Lining’ to showcase some of
our members shorter works. With my bookkeeping and management experience, I intend to eliminate a significant portion of the financial obligation of members and contributors in terms of book launches, printing and shipping costs, et cetera, by introducing a stricter spending budget, by implementing more fund raising initiatives, and by monetizing our assets more effectively.

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