Broken Frontier

So in my continuing quest to do many, many things, I have started blogging at Broken Frontier, a comic book news site. Basically, I can write about anything I want as long as it involves comics, and as I have a lot to say about comics, it works out pretty well. So far four of my articles have been posted on the site:

1. Beatrix Potter: Proto-Cartoonist, which discusses whether Beatrix Potter’s stories use the same artistic language as comic books do

2. Snippets of Life, which analyzes Alison Bechdel’s Dykes to Watch Out For

3. The Prankster, which shows how to reinterpret one of the worst villains of all in order to make him cool

4. Superman vs the Tyrant Sun, where I discuss one of my favourite villains of all time, who was created by one of my favourite authors all time.

There’s a few more articles that are currently being processed and some more that are taking form in my brain. It is good to keep busy with various activities, especially when it is in a field you love so much, and one of the lovely things about comics is that there’s so much you can say about them and so many directions to go.

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