Call for submissions- the Giants of Main Street Bestiary

For our upcoming “urban fantasy” comics anthology, Giants of Main Street, Cloudscape is looking to include a bestiary of fantastical urban creatures at the back of the book. This is a terrific opportunity for existing contributors and for other NEW artists to contribute to the book. We are looking for finished art, inspired by the examples below, but with your own unique twist on the concept. Think of it as a detailed drawing created in the field as part of a catalog of newly discovered creatures inhabiting a city in a fantasy world. Each creature should fit within 6.25 inches wide by 4.875 inches tall including ample space for text notes around the creature. It should be sans background and float on 100% white (If you need advice on how to get that pure digital white, just ask!). Submissions should be 300dpi greyscale.

Each creature should be accompanied by two to five point form notes or sentences about the creature’s physical attributes, lifestyle, or character. Keep these separate from the illustration because the editors will be reworking your words (and writing up the final copy) to give the bestiary a feeling of unity. Also include the approximate size of your creature because we are going to have a size comparison chart, like you see in dinosaur books or whatever. Don’t forget to name your creature.

Submissions can be sent to Jonathon at comm(at)cloudscapecomics(dot)com, as can any questions you may have.

As usual, we can only accept submissions from artists who have lived or currently live in British Columbia, or from existing Cloudscape members. The deadline for submissions is August 3rd.

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