30 Days Project – Day 7

The Thirty Days Project is a practical way to fight Option Paralysis.

Creative people often have the luxury of being able to do anything but just as often end up doing nothing. Thirty Days Project is thirty deadlines; finish a piece of creative work by then end of each day. Visit their website to see more work from a diversity of artists and creators!

We are the team for the Cloudscape Comics Society! Here is what we’ve challenged ourselves to for Day 7:

Jeff Ellis

Visit my website at www.teachenglishinjapan.ca

Kevin Wilson

Day: 7 out of 30
Robot: Gurren Lagann

I’m sure the next pair will fit you just right, GL. Keep trying.

You can find my giant robot comic at http://titanzer.com, my tumblr at http://kevinw.tumblr.com, and my portfolio at http://thekevinwilson.com

Moses C

Don’t you just hate it when jetpacks fail on you?


PS. Once again, you can find my work at Mosobot64.wordpress.com and Mosobot64.deviantart.com.
I also have a fantasy webcomic in the works at www.trinitacomics.com.

Bevan Thomas

Challenge: To every day do a section at least 300 words long of “World that Was,” my story about Brigida Byzantium’s childhood in a locked room with only her brother for companionship. The story will be written as a dramatic monologue.

World that Was Part 7

What enchanting images, what dazzling dreams haunt our mindful meditation? We fly together on – shall I call them wings?

Is it strange to create words for things that exist only in our dreams? Things that seem to have no substance within rough reality.

Yes, wings will do.

We fly on wings, always higher and higher, away from the darkness, the wicked world, towards the light.

Born in deep darkness, hungry for the living light. Is that not surprising?

We fly farther and farther, a spiral towards infinity, towards—

Oh my beautiful brother, are you there? Tell me, my terrific twin, my boldly better half, is it that we fly towards or fly away?

Do we seek to flee the descending darkness or happily hunt for something new?

Is it fear or hope that directs our dreams?

Does it matter?

We seek to escape from. Is there something we escape to?

What exists beyond the light, beyond this world and whatever made it?

Is it better than what is left behind?

Oh my brother, you are wildly wiser than I, who am fueled by feeling, not by foresight.

Is it hope or fear?

Fear – fear and I are familiar friends, perhaps the only companion who has kept me company longer than it has been you, my terrific twin.

Yes, fit and familiar with fear, but what is hope?

What are these words that spark in our mighty minds.

What are they, when all around is the wicked world’s dismal darkness?

About Cloudscape

The Cloudscape Comics Society is a Vancouver non-profit dedicated to supporting local comic artists. We publish anthologies, hold meetings and workshops and work with other community groups to promote comics. We meet weekly at the Grind Gallery and Cafe on Wednesdays at 7:30PM.

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