30 Days Project – Day 6

The Thirty Days Project is a practical way to fight Option Paralysis.

Creative people often have the luxury of being able to do anything but just as often end up doing nothing. Thirty Days Project is thirty deadlines; finish a piece of creative work by then end of each day. Visit their website to see more work from a diversity of artists and creators!

We are the team for the Cloudscape Comics Society! Here is what we’ve challenged ourselves to for Day 6:

Jeff Ellis

Visit my website at www.teachenglishinjapan.ca

Reeta Linjama

Marionette knight with neon accessories, for day 6 of my knight-themed 30 Days Project with Cloudscape.

Marker madness

Sooo laaate >[ Yesterday was so crazy. But, next one up sometime tonight.

website / sketchblog / deviantArt / Tumblr / Twitter

Anise Shaw

Environment 06 for the 30 Days Project. The Market from Monticlaire in Even in Arcadia

I’m behind 🙁 Oh well, not going to deter me from going forward. I’ve learned that failures in deadlines are just as important as successes and I must not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

As such, there will be no day 7 for me. Day 8, here I come.

Kevin Wilson

Day: 6 out of 30
Robot(s): Cutman and Garada K7

Cutbros gotta stick together.

You can find my giant robot comic at http://titanzer.com, my tumblr at http://kevinw.tumblr.com, and my portfolio at http://thekevinwilson.com

Moses C

This is a panel from my upcoming webcomic, The Prince of Trinita (www.trinitacomics.com).
I finished flatting it and this character’s expression struck me as youtube poop-ish (If you’re not familiar with Youtube Poop, look it up on Youtube, and try to stand the non-sequiteur insanity that follows).
Anyhoo, enjoy, and I’ll have more amusingness tomorrow!


PS. Aside from the site for my webcomic listed above, you can also find my work at Mosobot64.deviantart.com and Mosobot64.wordpress.com.

About Cloudscape

The Cloudscape Comics Society is a Vancouver non-profit dedicated to supporting local comic artists. We publish anthologies, hold meetings and workshops and work with other community groups to promote comics. We meet weekly at the Grind Gallery and Cafe on Wednesdays at 7:30PM.

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