30 Days Project – Day 5

We are the Cloudscape Comics Society! Here is what we’ve challenged ourselves to for Day 5:

Jeff Ellis

Day 5: Patrick Sundstrom
Visit my website at www.teachenglishinjapan.ca

Reeta Linjama

Birthday of a Knight — Day 5/30 of my knight-themed 30 Days Project with Cloudscape happened to be Donut’s birthday, in honour of which I drew her as a knight. (Thanks for letting me post this and congrats again, 😀 )

She’s always chastising gravity, so obviously Gravity is her steed. Well, I forgot to draw reins on it, but Donut can just point her Starbucks Birthday cake pop to the direction she wants to go and Gravity will follow it. It seems like a hungry horse.

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Anise Shaw

Environment 05 (totally cheating again) – by Anise

This page has so many backgrounds and so much painting for it that it totally counts as environment practice.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

From my comic Even in Arcadia.

Kevin Wilson

Day: 5 out of 30
Robot: Combattler V
My status: Blugh

Poor Batty, still thinking yoyos are cool. Now if he used a scooter…

You can find my giant robot comic at http://titanzer.com, my tumblr at http://kevinw.tumblr.com, and my portfolio at http://thekevinwilson.com

Moses C

And now, ladies and gentlemen, an Oni (Japanese ogre) eating ice cream. Hey, even monsters like an icy treat every once in a while.


Once again, you can find my work through Mosobot64.wordpress.com and Mosobot64.deviantart.com. Oh, and on DA, I have a contest on! For points! Check it out! 😀

Bevan Thomas

Challenge: To every day do a section at least 300 words long of “World that Was,” my story about Brigida Byzantium’s childhood in a locked room with only her brother for companionship. The story will be written as a dramatic monologue.

World that Was: Part 5

Ama, you are there? I am not alone? Oh praise – should I say “praise God?” Was he what brought you back to me, and thus is virtuous, or did he hide you from me and thus is vile, or did he do both and thus is fickle?

Oh, he plays with us, for he thinks us so little, trapped in the walls of the world, deep in the darkness. But we’ll show him, won’t we, my brother? Yes, we’ll show him that we have strength, that we have power. He created us and our pitiless prison, but we can overcome. We can be free.

He built our base bodies, yes, and our solid cell, and maybe the god of this world has power over them still, but oh my brother, there is one thing he cannot control, and that is our minds. They remain ours.

Sit in the centre, back to back, so our spines touch, so our heads meet.

Clasp your hands in mind, oh my brother, then close your eyes. Think and dream. Dream together. We have clawed at the wide walls, at the solid cell, unless our nails broke and bled. We screamed, we shrieked, until our throats almost split.

Fists cannot free, shrieks cannot save. But maybe our thoughts can rescue us.

Our prison has been prepared, our bodies bound, but God or demon or whatever built this dungeon dark cannot master our minds.

Where fingers failed, thoughts will succeed.

What do you dream of, my brother?

What do you dream? Let us dream it together.

What do you dream? I dream of… dream of….

Oh my brother, what is that that lies before us?

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