30 Days Project – Day 2

We are the Cloudscape Comics Society! Here is what we’ve challenged ourselves to for Day 2:

Chloe Chan

Characters from Two Keys.

I don’t know how long I can keep this up for, guys.

Jeff Ellis

I’ve decided to participate in the 30 days project which means I need to make a piece of art every day for the next 30 days. In honour of the Canucks Stanley Cup run, I decided to draw a famous Canuck, drawing from their 40 year history. The first Canuck is Raffi Torres. Basically just because he scored the winning goal in game 1.

30 Canucks 2 – Willie Mitchell

Visit my website at www.teachenglishinjapan.ca

Reeta Linjama

Sorry alles, my days run kind of long. But I can do this!

Knight 2: homely knight on the SeaBus, North Van.

—Reetta L

website / sketchblog / deviantArt / Tumblr / Twitter

Anise Shaw

I make comics and other fine things. You can see my comic at www.epidigm.net/arcadia

Day 2 – Environment 02 by Anise Shaw

I’m trying to teach myself how to draw and paint environments and layouts, which I have very little experience with. Today I did a speed paint, which started out really awesome and then I got totally frustrated with as soon as I had to develop the focus. It was good for learning what order I needed to paint in though, and tomorrow hopefully the results will be nicer.

Kevin Wilson

I am Kevin Wilson, part cartoonist and part pineapple. My challenge is to bone up on my giant robot skills by drawing one every day for June. That’s 30 robots of the large to super large variety.

You can find my giant robot comic at http://titanzer.com, my tumblr at http://kevinw.tumblr.com, and my portfolio at http://thekevinwilson.com

No, Gigantor! Think of your diet!

Moses C

Puffins. It had to be Puffins. Puffin Beach. Coming to theatres summer 2011. Or never. -Mosobot64 PS. My work can be found through Mosobot64.wordpress.com and Mosobot64.deviantart.com as well. Have fun, and another non-sequitur will come your way tomorrow!

Bevan Thomas

Challenge: To every day do a section at least 300 words long of “World that Was,” my story about Brigida Byzantium’s childhood in a locked room with only her brother for companionship. The story will be written as a dramatic monologue.

World that Was: Part 2

Dreams again, dreams of lovely light and wide wonder. There is something beyond the walls of this wicked world; I am sure of it. Something beyond the hideous hand of whatever grotesque God built this dark domain around us as we suddenly shrieked into existence.

Sit beside me, my bold brother, my terrific twin, and press your ear against the wall. Yes, here. Can you hear something, hear something beyond?

In the waking world, I do not believe I have ever heard anything before besides you and I, but now, yes, is that something, or merely my ingenious imagination?

Are those furtive footsteps? Is that a wondrous whirring? Is there something beyond, not just dark darkness extending in to a final forever?

Would you call me desperate, maybe mad, to suggest that sight and light are things that happen while we are awake, not just when we sleep?

Could that be a reality? Could these walls be removed and light be conjured forth and then, while awake, I could turn and you could turn and we could see each other?

For all eternity there has been you and I together, the only two beings in all existence, and I have heard and smelled and touched you, but never we have seen. What does your face look like, my bubbly brother? What would that nose look like, these ears, these cheeks?

I have a theory, a sudden supposition. Hear me out. What if – what if there was a wider world and that someone, call him “God,” built a smaller one, away from the light, and placed us in it during the ages past, long aeons before memory. And here us two grew, with no light, with no contact with anything save ourselves, but there exists a world beyond.

A world beyond. Is that a horrid heresy, oh my brother, or a happy hope? What would this world be like, this world of light. Shall we call it Heaven? And is there only one God, the god that build our finite and fallen world, or are there numerous gods?

What do you think, oh my brother? All this talk makes my head go round and round. You are the thinker, I the doer. Am I speaking sense or merely noising nonsense?

People besides ourselves. What an oddly amusing notions. Gods who inhabit a wide world of light instead of a narrow realm of darkness. Do we belong in the outer world as well? Are we gorgeous gods or merely mortals, trapped in our dark dungeons until the end of time?

About Cloudscape

The Cloudscape Comics Society is a Vancouver non-profit dedicated to supporting local comic artists. We publish anthologies, hold meetings and workshops and work with other community groups to promote comics. We meet weekly at the Grind Gallery and Cafe on Wednesdays at 7:30PM.

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