Cloudscape Weekly Webcomic Round-Up 1

Not surprisingly, many of the artists who have contributed to Cloudscape anthologies also have regular webcomics of their own. Many of these webcomics are linked to on the Cloudscape twitter box, but sometimes that’s easy to miss, so I’ve decided to include a weekly round-up, every Sunday or Monday, of all webcomics created by Cloudscape members that were updated in the last week.

If you are either a frequent attendee of Cloudscape meetings or have contributed to one or more of the Cloudscape anthologies and do not see your webcomic on my list, then please let me know and I will add it.

So here’s the most recent events, in no particular order, that happened to Cloudscape webcomics:

1. In Teach English in Japan, by Jeff Ellis and Jonathon Dalton, James K discovers some disturbing things about working as a teacher at Ricky’s. 

2. In Even in Arcadia, by Anise Shaw, a cute goblin gripes in a bar.

3. In Sam and Fuzzy, by Sam Logan, two people contemplate a discarded, hollowed-out head.

4. In Wasted Talent, by Angela Melick, a beard is almost shaved.

5. In The Adventures of Gog Mulligan, by Sydney More, Gog defeats a beholder.

6. In Homo Erectus, by Sydney More, something bad happens to an old man.

7. In chapter 12 of Two Keys, by Chloe Chan and Aliena Shoemaker, Colin considers buying a better “closed” sign.

8. In Ed’s R Us, by Ed Appleby, Ed tries to get a job.

9. In Much the Miller’s Son, by Steve LeCouilliard, the Sheriff of Nottingham meets Sir Guy of Gisburne.

10. In A Mad Tea-Party, by Jonathan Dalton, some bigots have captured an alien.

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