The Best New Comics for Kids Come to Vancouver

Lucky’s Comics on Main Street is hosting a book signing this Friday, Feb. 25th from 8 to 10 for Raina Telgemeier, Aaron Renier, Jason Shiga, Matt Holm, Dave Roman, and Gene Yang. If you’re not familiar with their work, you should be! Raina’s graphic novel Smile began life as an auto-bio webcomic back in the early days of internet comickry and is now in half the grade four classrooms in the country. Dave Roman’s new book Astronaut Academy promises to make a similar impact. Jason Shiga’s latest book, Meanwhile, is a brilliantly conceived choose-your-own-adventure comic. And if you haven’t at least heard of Gene Yang’s American Born Chinese, I’m sorry, we can’t be friends anymore.

They’ll also be at an event at UBC on the following day. That one you have to buy tickets for though.

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