21 Journeys PreOrders and Fundraiser!

We have launched our online fundraiser for 22 Journeys!

Cloudscape’s annual project is to produce an anthology that will highlight some of the best short story work by members of our group. Our latest anthology is 21 Journeys, although the title is subject to change depending on if we can get all our member’s work in on time 🙂

We are asking for help in printing 21 Journeys because it is a 250 page full-colour book, an ambitious project that has expanded beyond our current capacity. Every contribution of $25 or more is a pre-order, and you will receive a copy of 21 Journeys along with other goodies. Click the link to the left for a list of the minimum donations and their goodies associated with them.

Where will your money go?

We will be able to publish and support more than 22 artists and writers directly contributing to the book. Contributors get copies of the anthology at wholesale, giving them an opportunity to flesh out their inventory and have more books to sell to comic stores, at conventions and on their online stores. Their contribution will also allow them a publishing credit, a crucial necessity to apply for literary grants from the Government of Canada and British Columbia.

We need to raise $7000 that will directly go towards printing 1,000 copies of the book. This is the minimum to print offset, which makes our per unit price competitive and viable for distribution to bookstores and comic shops. If, by some miracle, we reach $8,500, we will be able to print 2,000 copies, doubling our selling power with only $1500 more.

If we do not reach our fundraising goal, the hard work done by each of the contributors over the last 6 months will be sorely wasted. Our organization is lucky to have some very talented and dedicated artist and we want to see them flourish!

Don’t have the money to spare? You can still help!

Spread the word about our campaign! Retweet us, post us to your facebook, pass around our videos.

Check out our Ustream! We just did a huge launch where members at our meeting talked about their work and why they are a part of cloudscape.

Thank you very much for your support!

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