8-Bits of Destiny Poster contest!

8-Bits of Destiny needs your help! Yes! YOU! It seems our poster is in another castle, but we don’t have time to go find it, so instead, we need you to help us create a new one! This is your chance to have your art all over Vancouver and to be the first artist featured by 8-Bits of Destiny! All you have to do is download the Photoshop template and throw in your art. Yeah, your very own art! Pretty wicked deal, eh?

So here’s the rules:

  • The art must contain our mascot, 8-Bit the Octopus somewhere in it (8-Bit is a neon pink Octopus that loves video games… run with it. We want to see your interpretation of him. Yes. He’s a dude.)
  • The title of the show “All Your Art Are Belong To Us” must be visible and easy to read somewhere on the poster
  • You must stay within the margins indicated in the file (They’re clearly indicated on the top layer, and preset guides are included.)

That’s it! Email your .jpeg entry to mike@8bitsofdestiny.com but don’t get rid of your .PSD! We’ll want that from whoever wins the contest. All entries must be received by 10pm PST, October 22nd, 2010. The winner will be announced October 28th.

8 Bits of Destiny!

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