The Comics Support Group

Cloudscape is about more than just publishing. We are also about supporting any and all local comics endeavors. To that end we are posting this on behalf of the amazing Sydney More and Professor Trevor Code and their fantastic Comics Support Group. The comics support group is providing writing and drawing sessions to help up and coming artists refine their talents, check them out! These meetings are separate from Cloudscape, and our Wednesday Workshops, but I gather they are loads of fun.

Hello Everybody;
It’s almost that time again – the Comics Support Group will be meeting at the Wallflower Cafe on Main st, this Sunday August 15 from 3 to 6 pm. We will be discussing elements of the anthology, and covering issues like character design, story arc, etc. . . .
Bring anything comic-related that you’d like to talk about and your preferred mark-making tools for comic jams.
Hope to see you there!
Comics Support Group Facebook Page

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