Picture Book Report 1

Here’s an absolutely fantastic project for anyone who likes books or pictures, or books with pictures, or pictures about books, or any permutation thus!

Picture Book Report is a project where 15 wonderful illustrators choose and illustrate 15 books. The best books. Awesome books.  There are posting schedules and everything, so there will never be a day (or a few days) without new illustrations to look at!

The image above is for The Never Ending Story, and it was illustrated by Chuck Groenink.

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One thought on “Picture Book Report

  • Pragmatic Mom

    I love to check out the illustrations on the Picture Book Report. So many talented illustrators! I love Chuck Groenick’s illustration! So mesmerizing and with just a few colors! Amazing! Great use of white space to draw in the reader’s eye to the mushroom guy.

    Pragmatic Mom
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