Writing Critique available for Anthology Submissions

Writing, especially writing stories, is a difficult process, and it often helps when a sympathetic eye is there to give assistance, bringing the storyteller’s attention to what sections work and what sections need more development. If anyone is intending to submit something for the next Cloudscape comic anthology, and wishes some experienced feedback on their writing before it is sent off to the official Cloudscape editorial board, then they are more than welcome to send it to Cloudscape members Ray Hsu and Bevan Thomas. Both are experienced writers.

Bevan has taught essay writing to students for many years and has written on a wide variety of subjects, most prominently the pilot for a television drama that is currently in development. Ray teaches creative writing at UBC and has published numerous poems and articles.

If you wish to have an experience writer take a look at your story proposal or script to give you some feedback before you submit it to Cloudscape, you can contact Bevan and Ray at the following e-mails:
Bevan: bthomasa@hotmail.com
Ray: ray.hsu@ubc.ca

Good luck and happy writing!

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